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  1. Hey, Hello! I’m a right winged Christian, who found this link, from a link, from a link, from one of my (I assume) Atheist (or at least fallen away from “organized religion”) friends, about some money scam, where some pastor cheated a public school out of something like 3.6 MILLION bucks, for fees for using a public school area for some religious functions of some sort…

    Anyway, I LOVE the format of “Atheist Cliches to Avoid”, and the mentioning of someone else’s “Christian Cliches to Avoid” found online!

    I remember reading some of Ralph Waldo Emerson, who stated that a mere TWO, well thought-out questions can YANK someone OUT of their narrow world in which they live!

    There was one time in voice chat in a Yahoo! political chat room, where one guy was on the microphone, and speaking to the room about the common types of people that ruin a good political debate! he was clear in saying to clash all that you want; he cited these “pet peeves” committed by these types of people, as counter-productive, and having zero justification, and absolutely no merit whatsoever.

    One of these types of people that he cited were the “Bumper Sticker Yellers”!!

    I thought that was one of the most ENCOMPASSING buzz-terms that I ever heard, in generic political complaints! It would have taken me a PARAGRAPH to sum up what that term does in three words! The oddity is that this is NOT inherently native to “liberal”, “conservative”, “Christian” or “Atheist”. It simply sites the very human fallacy of raw, crude, over-simplistic, hazy ideology, as opposed to aggressive analysis, or dynamic thought!

    So, in summation, it’s important for EVERYONE to stay on their toes!!

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